Travelling abroad for the first time since 2018!

2021 - 06.13

Two man accoustic show (Charlie & Peter) in Avilés, Spain on Saturday 19th, 21.00 at the stairs of Baris St. Nicholas Church. Free concert!

@charliegranberg_art will also paint a big wall in the old fish market between 14-20th of June during the Focart – Urbana Cultural Festival. Come and say hello!


2021 - 02.19

We, as in the band Hellsingland Underground, have bought a tower! And in the top of that tower, there is a recording studio. The fact that this tower, located on an old sawmill, contains a top class studio, is perhaps the only good reason for buying a tower, at least that we can think of. To own your own studio on the other hand, is an old dream coming true, in a year where so many dreams have gotten crushed. It will also work as our rehearsal place, storage and hang out place. We are calling it Hellquarters. Follow us here on FB and on Instagram if you like. Or maybe you want to record something? If so, get in touch! And right now, in that very studio, we have begun recording what will be our sixth album. More info about that and other things later on.Take care out there. We miss you so much. ❤️

End of message.

Dear friends,

2020 - 03.27

The world seem to be falling apart at the moment. People are dying and people are scared. Some are isolated.
So a cancelled tour with a little band from Sweden is hopefully the least of your worries at the moment. But we thought at least we should tell you.

We’ve been in close contact with Jose at MadNote Co, our booking company in Madrid, over the last couple of weeks, discussing weither the tour of Spain will happen or not. I guess we already kinda knew the answer to that, but were hoping for some kind of miracle. As bad as it keeps getting every day now, we have no choice but to cancel the whole tour. ?

This hurts on so many levels, both emotionally and financially. We had been looking forward to this so much.

Me personally (Charlie), lost all my income in about a weeks time. I work as an illustrator/artist where I have about 90% of my income coming from the music industry (record covers, merch, posters e.t.c.). So when all tours and most recordings came to a sudden halt, so did my income. Luckily enough, I got a temporary job as a music and art teacher at a school here in Ljusdal. But that will end on April 6. After that, I just don’t know. I was supposed to do a big street art project that also got cancelled. And so on…

I don’t want you to feel sorry for us, or me, because people are dying from this shit as well. I just felt like opening my heart a little and describe the situation.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the live stream we we’re supposed to do this saturday at Bring It Home 2020, is also cancelled. First, we got the info that their page was shut down. But we planned to broadcast anyway, from our facebook page.

But today, we had to take the deciscion to cancel the whole thing, due to illness in the band.

So yeah. Things looks pretty bad at the moment. But we try to look forward as always and hopefully this will be over soon.

We haven’t gotten info from all venues about re-payment of bought tickets yet, but it’s probably a good idea to check with your local venue for refunds as soon as possible.

Stay safe and wash your hands!
We love you all.

PS. We will probably begin to record a new album in may instead.

First Cancelled show due to Corona…

2020 - 03.18

We are sorry to say that the show at Järvsö Bryggeri is cancelled due to corona.