2022 - 11.09

We would like to lift up 3 people who helped a lot to make friday night so fantastic for us. First up is the amazing, ever smiling, Duracell bunny: Kattis Thörnberg, who sold merch and records for almost 14 000 SEK during the evening! She has worked with Electric Boys, Thundermother, Bonafide and lots of others too. So if you’re a band or artist looking for a professional sales person, tour manager or just someone to point with her whole hand to get your shit together, we can warmly recommend her. ❤️

Also a big shout out to Adina Hargeby at Patricia Live for being so nice and super professional when it came to everything around the event. Thank you. ❤️

And last but not least: Julia who were in charge of the dressing room full of food and drinks who made us feel such at home immediatelly. Also a super pro. ❤️

Love, HU

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