2021 - 02.19

We, as in the band Hellsingland Underground, have bought a tower! And in the top of that tower, there is a recording studio. The fact that this tower, located on an old sawmill, contains a top class studio, is perhaps the only good reason for buying a tower, at least that we can think of. To own your own studio on the other hand, is an old dream coming true, in a year where so many dreams have gotten crushed. It will also work as our rehearsal place, storage and hang out place. We are calling it Hellquarters. Follow us here on FB and on Instagram if you like. Or maybe you want to record something? If so, get in touch! And right now, in that very studio, we have begun recording what will be our sixth album. More info about that and other things later on.Take care out there. We miss you so much. ❤️

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