2018 - 01.31

The shows might have ended Saturday in Zaragoza. But for me, it ended today. We drove straight from Zaragoza all the way to Sweden with no stops except for food e.t.c.

I arrived home at 9 in the evening yesterday (tuesday). Fell asleep around 10, slept all through the night, except a few times when I woke up in a pool of sweat, as I always do after tours for some reason. I woke up today in the afternoon after 16 hours of sleep. That’s when I felt I was home.

Just wanted to let you know how much this tour meant to us: There is no country in the world, including our own home country, where we get this kind of response to our music. Where the feeling of connection is this strong. That’s just a fact. Our love and gratitude for you is endless! ❤️

Some people are born with the wrong parents. In the wrong body, or with the wrong sex. I’m starting to feel like I was born in the wrong country. Someday, I will live there permanently. We have made such good friends in Spain over the years that it really feels like coming home. Every time!

What happens next we just don’t know. We could lie and tell you that we will hurry into the studio and record a new album (we have loads of new great songs) but the truth is that for me, every album and every tour feels like the last thing we’ll ever do, for some reason. So the truth is, we just don’t know. Our only goal has always been to top ourselves with every new album, so we have to feel that we are able to do that once again. At this point we don’t know. I guess time will tell.

Once again: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Charlie Granberg
Hellsingland, 2018-01-31

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