Can we reach #1?

2016 - 05.09

A friend just texted me and told me that “Dizzy Jonsson & The Rovers” is at number 24 (21 last week) on Spotify’s Swedish Viral Top 50 list! We had no idea. That there even was such list…. ? But he told me it means that YOU has shared this song A LOT lately. And it’s not even a single.
So thanks a lot for that!

Now the question is: You took us to no 1 on both the official vinyl charts and the Ginza chart. Can we repeat it on Spotify?

Just share it, as much as you can on Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c. and it will do the trick!
Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance!
Charlie & HU

PS. It feels extra great that it is this particular song. Dizzy Jonsson is a real person, still an artist, (look him up on YouTube), though struggling with some personal issues, and an old friend of mine. He’s been a figure in a lot of our songs, ever since the first album. So the song feels extra personal to me.

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