Howdy folks!

2015 - 07.08

Hope you are having a great summer.

Unfortunatelly, we have some bad news regarding some shows that we previously announced. To make a long story short, the guy who initially brought us to SSM MUSIC, is no longer a part of neither SSM or Hellsingland Underground’s business. In the process of him leaving the company, it turned out that some of the shows were not as confirmed as he stated they were. This is the nicest way we can, and ever will write this. You do the math. ?

However, we are still happy to be working with SSM MUSIC, now directly under the owner and boss Carsten Hilding Larsen. He will hereby do all our bookings and also be working as our manager. Here’s the contact info:
Carsten Hilding Larsen
CEO | SSM Music ApS
Landlystvej 74 | 6715 Esbjerg N | Denmark
M: +45 4071 7722 | Skype: carstenhildinglarsen
E: | W:

No one is more sorry than us for these shows we until recently thought were gonna happen, and we would like to deeply appologize for any inconvineance it may have caused for any of you. And we also would like to strongly underline that neither us or SSM Music had anything to do with it.

Here are the only 4 confirmed shows that we have mutual signed contracts on. Thesa are the only shows we will do before the album comes out:

Eagles MC West Summerfest, Järpen

Möja Dansbana, Stockholms Skärgård

8 AUGUST: Katrineholmsveckan, Katrineholm


More shows will follow…

Anyway, we are looking forward to meet up next weekend for the Eagles MC Summerfest in Järpen on friday, some rehearsal and adding some more background vocals and keyboards for the album! Slowly getting there…
Once again. Sorry.


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