2012 - 09.27

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So here comes the bad news…
To make a long story short: Our (now ex-) German booking company have had difficulties to set all shows for this tour in time, some of the clubs we were

initially booked to closed down, some changes were made on the fees in the last minute e.t.c. e.t.c….All these things together made it impossible for us to get the economy good enough to do this very anticipated tour. It would cost us a lot of money to do this, money we don’t have at the moment. And therefore we were forced to cancel the whole tour.

We didn’t find out about this until yesterday.

So here we are, with a smashing new, highly acclaimed album, that we are extremely proud of – and not a single gig in October! The timing is so bad there are no words for it… We will not only lose money (for the gigs we could have booked in Sweden or elsewhere) that we really needed after all we have put into recording, printing and promoting the album e.t.c. but we also really looked forward to come to Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia again. All this has also made it impossible to continue our collaboration with this booking company.

We will try to see this as an opportunity to try something new instead of just getting too low about the whole damn thing. So, if you happen to be working on a booking agency that book shows in Europe, OR if you’re a club owner, or know a club or venue that we could come and play it this October (Sweden or elsewhere) , do not hesitate to contact our manager Carola at right away!

In November and December things look brighter. We will present some new shows in Sweden in that time as soon as they are confirmed. See you on the road somewhere.
Next up is Bolanche in Borlänge this friday, and Stadt in Ljusdal on Saturday, for the last two shows on this little releaseparty tour. Hope to see you there too!

Meanwhile, you can support us by buying our album! 🙂

Either directly from our webshop, no middlehands!




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