Madness & Grace release party

2010 - 04.19

Hello there!

We have had such a fantastic week/weekend that it’s hard to know where to start…. On Friday the 2nd of April we gathered down in Stockholm for some intense rehearsal and drinking. Saturday we went to the Crazy Nights Rockfest to watch our producers Martin Karlegårds old band Reptile Smile along with other sleaze and glam bands… Not exactly our cup of tea but we had a good time anyway. Then I hanged with Martin in Hökarängen until Thursday when Lisa and the kids came down for the releaseparty at Scandic Malmen.

It was such a fantastic night, the place was so packed they had to close the entrance after 500 people had entered the club. And we did a fantastic gig, with great sound both on stage and from the audience we were told. Here is some pix from the whole thing, taken by Cecilia Johnsson.

This week we are starting off in Gävle on thursday with an accoustic gig at Alla Tiders Skivhandel at 17.00, then we are playing a full gig at CC Puben in central Gävle. Of Friday we are doing an interview with TV4 and an accoustic live set on P4 Radio Gävleborg around 15.30, so make shure to check in on that!

The album is now on Spotify!

But I really think you should buy the album anyway! We are starving here! Haha… This second printing comes with a booklet with thick, matte natural paper. Looks really great!

Order it now (from Bengans)!

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