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2017 - 06.07

Got the wrong date on Fishbait Rock Festival (it is on Friday the 16th of June, nothing else) + one added show on the legendary Hillbilly Saloon in September!

Fear no more! Summer is saved!

2017 - 05.04

Finally, here are the shows for the summer! Can’t wait.


2017 - 04.28

A couple of summers back, we did our first “real” acoustic show at the lovely Bommars Hälsingegård (a part of the world heritage). It was sold out and fantastic. This summer, on wednesday the 26th of July, we will come back again! Tickets available now!

We are returning to Åland!

2017 - 02.22

On the 16-17 of June, (one week before Azkena Rock) we will do our first ever acoustic festival show at the Fishbait Rock Festival.

This will actually be our third show there, since we played two shows last summer: One as Conny Bloom’s backup band and one as ourselves with Conny Jumping in for Mats on guitar. Awesome festival and staff, and a great location!
We recommend it!

More summer festivals will be presented soon…

Photo by Andreas Sander

Photo by Andreas Sander