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2017 - 11.07

There’s been two small changes in venues for the upcoming january tour in Spain:

1. Sala Acapulco in Gijon has unfortuneatelly closed, so replacing that show will be La Factoría Cultural in Avilés.

2. Instead of La Ley Seca in Zaragoza we will play at a venue called La Lata de Bombillas. Also in Zaragoza.

No further changes. Sorry for any inconveniences.

We will come back shortly with a list of all pre-sale places.
Stay young in the head!

So the full tour looks like this:

Wed. january 17th – Rocksound, Barcelona‬

‪Thurs, january 18th – Loco Club, Valencia‬

‪Frid , january 19th – Boite Live, Madrid‬

‪Sat, january 20th – Sala X, Sevilla‬

‪Sun, january 21st – Louie Louie, Estepona‬

‪Mon, january 22nd – El Zagal de San Martin, Aldeamayor de San Miguel‬

‪Tues, january 23rd – Forum Celticum, O Burgo – A Coruña‬

‪Wed, january 24th –La Factoría Cultural, Avilés

‪Thurs, january 25th – El Almacén de Little Bobby, Santander‬

‪Frid, january 26th – Back Stage, Bilbao‬

‪Sat, january 27th – La Lata de Bombillas, Zaragoza‬


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