Dear friends,

2015 - 09.27

A little update (the short version): We are slowly getting there with the mixes. We will probably have the album mixed, mastered and ready in 2 weeks from now. The initial plan, as you all know, was to have the album out in late october. That ain’t gonna happen.

Due to 2 months (at the most) for the vinyl printing (with Evil Will Prevail in 2012 it was only 2 weeks, meaning that EVERYBODY is doing vinyl these days, which is a good thing!) + 2 months for our promotion team to work on it in advance of the release. So even if we would have a finished master by October 1st, it still wouldn’t be coming out until the February 1st of 2016. Now, we ARE still working towards that deadline, but it will probably be later in February.

It sucks, because we just wanna start touring again.

But on the bright side: the album already sounds like the best we have ever done, and this timeline also gives us the time to work on at least two videos before the album comes out. The first one, for the song “Earth’s Gonna Shake” which some of you have heard us playing live this summer, is just about finished. So that will come out as a single (itunes, spotify e.t.c.) and a video in just a couple of weeks!

So, it looks like our show at Bollnäs Kulturhus on Saturday the 24th of October is going to be the only one this year. New songs will be played! See you there.

Peace, Love & Hellsingland


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