2014 - 05.12

Fantastic full page review in todays Katrineholms-Kuriren. The headline says “Classic rock made Villa Sandhem boil”. Shure did! The paintings fell from the walls, we got covered in sweat and you, the audience did half the job, as always.

Also a big thank you to Albin Ormegard, you know the 14 year old guy playing King Of Nothing in a very popular clip we put up on Facebook a while a go… We invited him as a guest last night, performing King Of Nothing with just him on guitar and Charlie on vocals. To say it was a succes would be an understatement. Awesome it was! (See The clip on Facebook)

Hellsingland Underground & Albin Ormegard (14 år) @ Villa Sandhem, 10 Maj 2014! :)

Hellsingland Underground & Albin Ormegard (14 year old) @ Villa Sandhem, 10 Maj 2014! 🙂


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