2013 - 01.31

We have a bunch of gigs coming up in southern sweden (Gothenburg, Malmö e.t.c.) + Norway. More about this tour later…

Anyway, we need to get some more merchandise to bring with us. But we thought that if anyone, who doesn’t have the opportunity to come to these shows, should be able to get some too!
Since you so kindly helped us vote on the different prints and all…

Therefore, we are taking up EXTRA ORDERS from you guys, before we leave it to the printers!

So. If anyone want any of these items, send an e-mail to our manager, carola(AT)hellsinglandunderground.com and tell her what you want, and what size. When we have them in stock, she will let you know how to pay e.t.c. You DON’T PAY ANYTHING NOW.

All clear? Great!


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