Evil Will Prevail

2012 - 06.19

Release date: 2012.09.19

Tracklist of songs recorded (not the order on the album):
1. The Lost River Band
2. You Shine The Dark Away
3. Evil Will Prevail
4. Flare Up The Night
5. I Just Don’t Believe In Love
6. Far Beyond The Sun
7. In The Evening
8. Singin’ While The World Dies
9. Midsummer’s Wreath Meltdown
10. Drunk Driver
11. Black Clouds On The Horizon
12. They All Grew Old While I Grew Young
13. King Of Nothing
14. It’s Been A Long Time Now Since Then

As we told you on facebook, not all these songs will end up on the album. In Charlie’s opinion, the best albums contains 10 songs. But it is really hard to kill any of these ones. We’ll see what happens.

The first single + video for the song The Lost River Band will be released in very soon.

And about the cover: It’s an old painting by Luis Ricardo Falero called “The Departure of the Witches” made in 1878, that we stumbled over a year ago, and it just screamed our name!

Stay tuned!

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