2017 - 11.01

Right when Sweden will be at it’s worse wintery behaviour, we are coming down to let you more warmblooded humans heat us up. 11 shows in 11 days. This will be our first proper Spanish tour since 2013, and we can’t wait to see you all!

Wed. january 17th – Rocksound, Barcelona‬

‪Thurs, january 18th – Loco Club, Valencia‬

‪Frid , january 19th – Boite Live, Madrid‬

‪Sat, january 20th – Sala X, Sevilla‬

‪Sun, january 21st – Louie Louie, Estepona‬

‪Mon, january 22nd – El Zagal de San Martin, Aldeamayor de San Miguel‬

‪Tues, january 23rd – Forum Celticum, O Burgo – A Coruña‬

‪Wed, january 24th – Sala Acapulco, Gijón‬

‪Thurs, january 25th – El Almacén de Little Bobby, Santander‬

‪Frid, january 26th – Back Stage, Bilbao‬

‪Sat, january 27th – La Lata de Bombillas, Zaragoza‬

(Photos used in poster art taken by Alexander Ericson).



2017 - 06.07

Got the wrong date on Fishbait Rock Festival (it is on Friday the 16th of June, nothing else) + one added show on the legendary Hillbilly Saloon in September!

Fear no more! Summer is saved!

2017 - 05.04

Finally, here are the shows for the summer! Can’t wait.


2017 - 04.28

A couple of summers back, we did our first “real” acoustic show at the lovely Bommars Hälsingegård (a part of the world heritage). It was sold out and fantastic. This summer, on wednesday the 26th of July, we will come back again! Tickets available now!