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¡manos arriba!

2017 - 01.31

Pearl Jam, Kiss, Ozzy, The Who, Wilco, Alice Cooper, The Black Crowes e.t.c. These are just some of the acts that have played this festival over the years. And it’s no secret that we LOVE Spain. So:

We are EXTREMELY happy to announce that we are confirmed to play Spain’s biggest rock event: AZKENA ROCK FESTIVAL 2017!

See you on Friday the 23rd of June! (Midsummer’s Eve for us swedes).


2016 - 12.31

We have done these since year one. Maybe not every new year, but almost: An attempt to go through last years happenings and events.

So here it is, the 2016 HU Summary!

There’s no need to bore you with all the struggles of the making of Understanding Gravity. (For those of you who want a recap, you can check it out here: Let’s just say that we had a fantastic time recording it at the castle last year, and what followed was a big test for all involved. The most important thing in the rearview mirror is that it became an album that we are extremely proud of.

It became our first No 1 record when it ended up on the first position of the Swedish Vinyl Charts. It got fantastic reviews. It got nominated for the “Rock Album Of The Year” by GAFFA. It ended up as the No 1 on the “Top 10 Most Intruiging Albums Of 2016” at the mighty Global Texan Chronicles e.t.c. Iggy Pop was number 2!

“Dizzy Jonsson & The Rovers” became our most played song on Spotify ever, reaching over 100 000 plays a couple of months back. And we’ve sold more records than we ever had. Despite yet another failure with a new booking company/management. Their goal was too book us 100 shows within a year. It turned out to be 4, before we dropped them. But it was a little late for rescuing the summer. Things didn’t look bright until we teamed up with Kattis Blom and she managed to book a very nice swedish tour in the autumn.

I think what we will be carrying with us from this year is first of all the fantastic response from our hardcore fans. The people that keeps coming to our shows again and again. The people in the front row singing all the words to all our songs. The people that travels from faraway countries just to see us perform two shows in Sweden. All the mails, letters and great talks. And all the nice club owners and promoters we’ve got to know this year. People that really burns foor good live music.

We feel more than ever that we’ve created our own little universe within this band. And even though there’s been the usual fights and arguments, it feels like we’re closer and more self confident as a band than we’ve ever been.

There have been shows were we litterally felt like we were “the best band in the world, that no one ever heard of” even though those lyrics is about another band. And in that very moment, it felt like the audience felt the same way too. Like some sort of weird cult or something. It’s kinda hard to explain, the magic of music. The feeling of connection.

Oh, and we also celebrated 10 years as a band.

SHOW OF THE YEAR 1: Göta Källare, Stockholm
SHOW OF THE YEAR 2: Skottvångs Grufva
MOST UNEXPECTED HAPPENING OF THE YEAR: Having Conny Bloom of Electric Boys/Hanoi Rocks etc as our stand-in guitarist. And getting to be his back up band at Fishbait Rock Festival at Åland.
PROUDEST MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Having our first No 1 on the Swedish Album Chart.

So what’s happening in 2017? First up is the two-nights-in-a-row acoustic shows at Villa Sandhem in Katrineholm on the 3rd and 4th of February. We have also some booked club shows and festivals. And, we will come back to Spain! But more about that next year.

We’d like to wish you a Happy New 2017!
Peace, Love & Hellsingland



2016 - 09.01

Double headline with Conny Bloom at Göta Källare, Stockholm 11 november!


Updated tour schedule! More on it’s way…

Lördag 17 september – Katrineholm, Villa Sandhem
Lördag 8 oktober – Skottvångs Gruva
Torsdag 10 november – Västerås, Intiman
Fredag 11 november – Stockholm, Göta Källare
Cancelled Fredag 25 november – Halmstad, Kajskjulet
Lördag 26 november – Gävle, Fenix
Lördag 10 december – Örebro, East West

Out ‘n’ Loud!

2016 - 05.24

Before the HU feat. Conny Bloom feat. HU shows at Fishbait Rock Festival, we just squeezed in another swedish show on Saturday the 11th of June at Hedemora Out ‘n’ Loud! See you in Dalarna!